Hi-Tech Horror - Find Out The Easiest Way To Get An Envy-Inducing Halloween Costume

Mark Rober is pretty much the master when it comes to high-tech Halloween costumes that utilize apps on your phone to create digital costumes. Costumes which make it look like you've suffered a serious flesh wound and your heart is visible for all to see. Or costumes that make it look like you're headless but holding your own head.

Basically, if you're looking for a costume that's going to trump the fake blood creations but you don't want to spend forever making it, Morph Costumes should be right up your street.

All it really involves is spending some money, either buying a t-shirt for around $25 which you can then you place your phone into to create the desired effect. Or getting a mask for $45 which works on the same principle. Or a full body morphsuit that makes you look naked. Truly horrific.

There even an alien chest-burster. Now that is cool.


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