The Britishes Have Got A Message For You: Stop Looking At Your Phones!

When was the last time you sat at a dinner table and didn't look at your phone? Hard to remember, right? This sketch from College Humor, which parodies Brit hit Downton Abbey, looks at what it would be like if families in the early 20th century acted like we do with our phones.

It's a lot more difficult to discreetly look at your phone when it's so large and cumbersome like they are in this sketch, plus, well, if we stopped looking at our phones then what would we do with ourselves? Talk to one another? Jesus, who'd want to do that.

And if you just discarded your phone you might miss a really important call. Or text. Or tweet. Or Facebook post. Or email. Or... OK gotta go, need to check my phone.


in case you were wondering this was 'Denarian Saal' from Guardians of the Galaxy - aka. Peter Serafinowicz

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