Rémi Gaillard Shows How Scaring Is Done In This Incredibly Funny Halloween Prank

Jason Voorhees, Ghostface, and Chucky drive into a car wash. That may sound like the beginning or a joke, and it is a joke of sorts. It's what happens in one of the pranks that French funnyman Rémi Gaillard undertakes in this hilarious video.

The pranks involve the three aforementioned fictional killers in different situations, scaring the cr*p out of unwitting members of the public like all the best Halloween scare pranks do. So we see the deadly trio try and hitch a ride, go for a car wash, and go for a stroll in an underground car park.

You may scoff at people running for their lives from what are clearly fictional characters, but as one of the YouTube comments notes: "i see 3 motherf*ckers dressed as jason, chucky and the ghost from scream coming at me with an axe and a chain saw yea f*ck that prank or not i'm leaving the vicinity."

Bad grammar aside, we agree.


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