First Kiss – Filmmaker Asks 20 Strangers to Kiss for the First Time

If you were put in a room with a complete stranger and then left to start snogging, what the heck would you do?

These people seem to handle it remarkably well, naturally it starts off a little awkwardly, with them shuffling on their feet and smiling nervously, but then once they get into it, some of them go full on and turn the kissing all the way up to eleven.

Maybe they should make a new video in ten months time and see how many of them hit if off and are married with children.

Then give it another six months and film the divorce.


Amateur filmmaker Tatia Pilieva has managed to capture that most transient of human interactions on YouTube - 'The first kiss'


Strangers were paired off and given no instruction other than to lock lips, with the seconds proceeding the kiss proving as interesting as the kiss itself.


“We’re going to kiss,” one volunteer tells her partner, who replies with a look of eagerness/trepidation/panic: “I know!”


The video seems to have had a medicinal effect on viewers, many of whom said it had “made their morning”.


“A fruit salad of emotions! A little funny, awkward and touching,” one wrote, with another adding: “I love videos that show such vulnerable true human emotion.”


Many volunteers repeatedly ask whether the camera is rolling and whether they should just go for it, psyching themselves


Pilieva thanked viewers for their support on Twitter, along with the ‘dear hearts’ who took part in the film.

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