Back To Iraq: We Remember 'MEN IN BLACK' (Excerpt from 'Operation Homecoming')

With the recent news that fighting has resumed at Mosul Dam in northern Iraq with US jets spotted flying overhead, it looks almost inevitable that America may deploying a Libya-style intervention - local ground forces aided by American bombs from the sky - Privately, Pentagon planners do not know how the U.S. can stop the militants without putting boots on the ground. Senior U.S. military officials say they feel they've been given a mission without a strategy and that right now they are simply playing "whack-a-mole" against a very limited set of targets.

It all goes to remind us that there is a sense of Déjà vu about this situation and for many soldiers it could mean a return to a war-zone that that have fought in before and none more so than the person behind 'Men in Black' a six minute excerpt of a story about soldier and writer Colby Buzzell and his colleagues and and their experiences in Iraq.

True story bro. That’s what this is. Well, it’s actually a full length doc is called ‘Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience’ and is a portrait of the complexities, doubts, and fears that troops experience when at war, written with searing honesty.

The visual aesthetic of the doc ranges from a poet reading directly to camera, to archival footage, to an animated graphic novel and a still photo sequence shot by photographer Antonin Kratochvil. The film recieved an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary, up against ‘Sicko’ by Micheal Moore, as well as recieving two Emmys.

Let us hope that there isn't a sequel to this film.

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