'The Five Worst Weapons Still in Use' Makes For Depressing Viewing

Kurt Vonnegut once said that "Inventors of weapons systems, and Leonardo da Vinci was among them, are not friends of the common man." This video from Truthloader, which composes a list of the top five worst weapons still in use, shows you why.

The list makes for a pretty nasty bunch, from heat rounds which are in the habit of turning tanks into a "fiery metal coffin" to even more brutal weapons like cluster bombs and other grimness. Even though many of the featured weapons are being banned or people are campaigning to ban them, it still makes for depressing viewing—reminding us, not that we needed it, that man excels in his ability to destroy and harm others in devastating ways.

Obviously, there's some stuff that doesn't make the list, but hey, it's a list—which means someone has subjectively selected them, no doubt you have your own opinions on what's worse. Let's just all agree to embrace our differences and live in peace and harmony and skip off into the sunset, hand-in-multicultural-hand to live happily ever after in a warless world. Great? Great.

5/ Heat Ammo:


4/ Depleted Uranium:


3/ White Phosphorus:


2/ Cluster Bomb:




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