Forget Your Morning Coffee, The Turbocharged Ferrari 288 GTO Is A Far Better Pick-Me-Up

When it comes to waking up in the morning, most people's go-to is a hot cup of coffee. But classic car channel Petrolicious have a replacement. It's not a hot beverage it's something far more impressive, a Ferrari 288 GTO.

Ferrari's poster car was their first production engine to use turbocharging to improve performance. So, naturally, Petrolicious take this 400 horsepower beast for a screeching spin around California's winding canyon roads.

As they rev around the roads they prove that, yes, flying around bends in a lightweight car with way too much power and not much traction is a surefire—and undoubtedly thrilling—way to wake up in the mornings.

It's certainly going to sharpen your senses a lot quicker that an jolt of caffeine, that's for sure. Plus it's a helluva lot more fun. Although probably not as easily obtained at your local Starbucks.

After you've tasted the thrills of the Ferrari 288 GTO you'll probably want more though—fortunately Ferrari have made more. The 288 GTO was the first of their flagship hypercars which have evolved and grown ever more desirable over the years.

The successor to the Ferrari 288 GTO was the Ferrari F40 which then begot the Ferrari F50 which then spawned the Enzo Ferrari, which has since been succeeded by the LaFerrari.

Car collector Alejandro Salomon takes a look at these big five Ferraris in the videos below, comparing and contrasting them, and no doubt making you insanely jealous that you don't own one.

Check out parts one, two, and three:

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