Forget About The Stick, The Latest Must-Have Is The 'Selfie Shoe' For All Those Hands-Free Photos

The selfie stick is in troubled times, not only is it hated by vast swaths of the population but it's also banned from some musical festivals and museums. But don't worry if you want to take the perfect selfie sans stick, because a new selfie aide is at hand. Or should I say foot.

Behold, selfies shoes! These wonders of our age are by Miz Mooz, a shoe company unsurprisingly. What with it being April Fools it's highly unlikely this is an actual product and much more likely a spot-on parody/viral video to boost the company's profile.

There is, however, a waiting list you can sign up to and they are given a price of $200.

So maybe it's not a prank and is just, instead, gimmick. We live in a world where it's impossible to tell. YOU decide.


Here's the product spiel from Miz Mooz:

At Miz Mooz, we understand the importance of looking great without giving up the comfort our women on-the-go have come to love about our footwear. Introducing the Selfie Shoes.

No matter where you go, you’ll always be camera-ready. Just insert your phone into the port at the front of either your right or left shoe, raise it to the perfect angle and click the internal button with a tap of your toe to take the photo. With the Selfie Shoes, you no longer have to use your arm, so now both hands are free to be in the photo.


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