Tiny Frozen Kitten Miraculously Brought Back To Life After Being Found In The Snow

A tiny kitten left for dead in the frozen snow was given a second chance at life, after being found by a family vacationing in a cabin near Bear Lake on the Utah-Idaho border. Justin Bingham was there with his brother and their families for Thanksgiving when they went out to play in the snow one morning.

It was then that one of their kids discovered a frozen kitten lying face down in the snow with its eyes open. Everyone thought it was dead but Bingham, who had done some pre-veterinary studies at college was sure it was alive. So he rushed inside the cabin and began warming the 8-week-old kitten in front of the fire.

As well as warming the animal he also did some mild chest compressions. Everyone told him the kitten was gone and it was no good, but Justin persisted. After about an hour of doing this, miraculously the kitten started to show signs of life.

The entire drama was captured by Justin's brother Branden on his GoPro. He submitted the footage to GoPro and they included it in their GoPro Awards, where it has since got nearly three million views online.

The kitten has now made a complete recovery and has been adopted by Branden who has named it, suitably, Lazarus.


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