'Dear Kitten: Beginnings' - An Adorable And Funny Ze Frank-voiced Cat-Reflection On Kittenhood

Being a pet cat must be a pretty sweet life, sitting about all day getting fed and petted and generally waited on. So it must be especially galling when something far cuter than you enters the home.

In this clever and adorable advertorial by Buzzfeed for Friskies cat food, part of their "Dear Kitten" series for the brand, the humorous Ze Frank voices an older cat who, after a new arrival enters his lair, looks back at when he himself was a young kitten entering a new home.

But rather than being threatened by this new kittah, he instead reflects on the tutelage that he once received from an older cat and shares his experiences of being the new guy, in the hope of imparting this knowledge onto the fledgling furball.

And of course to make clear that he was, obviously, a waaaay cuter kitten.

The Dear Kitten series has been a great success for Purina BuzzFeed Motion Pictures vp Jonathan Perelman told AdWeek, "What’s key is that media companies understand what moves somebody and what makes them interested. Then, they need to work with the brand on how to incorporate the message into the content. Simply using product placement will feel artificial."

Pereman goes on to say, "The crucial step is determining what's unique about the product and determining how to convey that. "It's about understanding the value of the brief and what they’re trying to get across,"

It's a very clever and amusing way to advertise your cat food, because a) the internet loves cats as we all know and b) Ze Frank's voice is second only to Morgan Freeman's (and possibly Werner Herzog's) in being a voice that you could listen to saying pretty much absolutely anything, and you'd still enjoy just listening to it.

It helps that Ze Frank's monologue is witty and entertaining too—and, of course, that the kittens are super cute. It's a 'win-win' combination.


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