Way Too Cute! Kitten And Baby Owl Make For The Most Adorable Best Friends Ever

Hukulou Coffee is a cafe in Osaka, Japan which is home to the cutest BFFs since the last pair of animal besties the internet fell in love with. Fuku is a baby owl and Marimo is a kitten and the pair live together at the cafe (with other owls and a rabbit) and have struck up an adorable, and unlikely, friendship.

Hukulou Coffee owner Ritsuko Nagahara (pronounced "ree-tsoo-koh-nah-gah-hah-rah") told Reuters in an email that they were put together because they looked alike. Now they are inseparable.

Obviously cats and birds wouldn't usually be so close, unless by close you mean the bird sitting in the cat's mouth, bloodied and dead.

But these two have somehow defeated the odds so that the internet can become obsessed with them.

Fuku-chan likes to peck at Marimo, and Marimo occasionally nips Fuku-chan in return - though occassionally the kitten also puts in a friendly playful punch, which Fuku-chan grins and bears.

Not only do they like hanging out together at the cafe playfully nuzzling noses, but they've also taken things to next level adorbz by napping together as well. Argh! I think I've just pulled a cute-muscle.

However the owners don't know whether Fuku-chan is male or female, and a DNA test is needed to find out.

Anyway, take a look at the happy couple below and feel all your problems melt away for a few moments.


There is a rising trend in Japan for Owl Cafés and if the video below is anything to go by i reckon you might be seeing them coming to a city near you soon.

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