30 Funny Fail Pictures Taken The Exact Moment Before Disaster & Epic FAIL Struck

Lets face it, funny fail pictures are what we all love to look and laugh at, just as long as we don't happen to be the subject matter in question. Sometimes a photo is taken at just the right moment, like these very funny fail pictures. They're perfectly captured so we can witness a poor unfortunate person caught between disaster striking and the moment just before, when all was well in the world.

The great thing about these fail pictures is, not only do they show photography at its purest, distilling a moment in time and freezing it forever. But they also let your imagination complete the comedic finale that isn't shown in the image. It's strangely satisfying looking at someone the exact moment before tragedy has struck.

Of course it's not hard to conjure in your mind's eye what the aftermath of most of these is going to be. Generally it means people getting hurt or hit with something in some way, shape, or form. Maybe they'll get soaked with water or mud or, if they're really unlucky they get a flying coca-cola bottle to the face. One minute they're smiling, the next nursing a sore nose. Funny fail pictures capture them frozen between the worlds of pleasure and pain.

Along with imagining what happened next, the fallings out, the arguing over who's fault it was, the chaos that might ensue. It's also the anticipation that makes these fail pictures so much fun. We all seem to love it.

Sure it might be slightly evil to enjoy such things, but the whole nature and concept of fail pictures and videos is to revel in some schadenfreude (you know, that German word for other people's misery).

As long as karma doesn't come back to bite you, then laugh it up at these moments of pre-fail, forever frozen in time for our amusement. Check out some of these wonderful moments in these funny fail pictures below.

Fail Pictures Taken Just Before Disaster Struck

funny fail pictures 01.
funny fail pictures 02.
funny fail pictures 02a.
funny fail pictures 03.
funny fail pictures 04.
funny fail pictures - 05.
epic fail pictures funny - 06.
epic fail pictures - 07.
funny fail pictures 08.
funny fail pictures 22.
funny fail pictures 23.
funny fail pictures 24.
funny fail pictures 25.
Moments Before Tragedy Struck 33.
Moments Before Tragedy Struck 34.
Moments Before Tragedy Struck 35.
Moments Before Tragedy Struck 36.
Moments Before Tragedy Struck 37.
The Exact Moment Before Disaster Struck 31.
The Exact Moment Before Disaster Struck 32.
The Exact Moment Before Disaster Struck 33.
The Exact Moment Before Disaster Struck 34.
The Exact Moment Before Disaster Struck 35.
The Exact Moment Before Disaster Struck 36.
The Exact Moment Before Disaster Struck 37..
wtf pictures 25.
wtf pictures 27.
wtf pictures 28.
wtf pictures 29.
wtf pictures 30.

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