'Prank Poster Project' - Comedian Jason C. Saenz Is Putting Fake Funny Posters Up All Over Los Angeles

If you live in LA and happen upon some funny posters randomly attached to a street light, maybe it's about a diving school run by Theon Greyjoy or giving away free condoms, it will be by Bolivian comedian Jason C. Saenz. As part of his Prank Poster Project Saenz has been placing funny posters all around the city and Hollywood, collecting them all on a Tumblr blog and Instagram, along with the location of where they're posted.

Jason's funny posters range in humor from the topical, like a poster saying 'Sean Spicer looking for work', to nods to the classic 'lost' posters and our online activities being constantly tracked, to referencing pop culture.

Be it the latest goings-on in Game of Thrones or musing on the peculiarities of the cars in Pixar's Cars movies. Or decrying the new Emoji movie, which is supposed to be pretty terrible and no doubt a sign of the end times.

Jason C. Saenz And His Prank Poster Project

jason comedian.

All of them are very amusing though, and would certainly cause you to look twice if you happened upon one while out walking in the street. They're a little injection of randomness and humor into the typical settings of Los Angeles. Sure you might expect to see something asking if anyone has seen a lost cat. But some funny posters calling a cat lost because it doesn't know what to do with its life? Not so much.

Jason C. Saenz is not just a stand-up comedian, he's also an actor and writer, known for 'Ya Killin' Me' on Comedy Central, The Wallet and the Watch (2012), a short action comedy and Trump Crashes the Declaration of Independence for Comedy Central where Trump gives a speech to his fellow delegates pushing for a better deal with the British. Take a look at Saenz's prank posters below. And check out his Instagram for more.

Jason's Fake Funny Posters Around Los Angeles

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funny posters 04.
funny posters 01.
funny posters 02.
funny posters 05.
funny posters 06.
funny posters 07.
funny posters 08.
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Jason C. Saenz 03.
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Jason C. Saenz 10.
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prank project 03.
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prank project 10.

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