Dennis Quaid's On-Set 'Freak Out Video' - Here's The Unbelievable Explanation Behind It All

The internet and beyond has been ruminating over a video that surfaced recently titled "DENNIS QUAID FREAK OUT" which showed Mr Quaid going full Christian Bale and offloading some anger while supposedly on the set of a film. Calling people dickheads, zombies, pussies, and going all kinds of crazy.

Well, it turns out it was all just a prank orchestrated by Funny or Die. And there really was Dopey the Dick on set, along with zombies, pussies, horse sh*t, and some garbage.

As the beginning of the above video documents, websites and TV shows were talking about the meltdown, filling airtime ruminating on what could have caused it and what happened.

TMZ even asked Quaid while he was doing film promotional duties in NYC what went on. He just kind of shakes his head, probably thinking, "You'll know soon enough."

In my book Mr. Quaid has become my new hero, not only did he manage to troll the internet convincingly, but he must have agreed to do this prank knowing that the whole world would think he was a total doucehbag when they saw the first video and not change their minds until the follow-up video was released.

The guy's a total pro. And a fine actor to pull this off.

I think the real victim here's been poor Jimmy Kimmel though. People originally blamed him for the stunt, forcing him to address it publicly. What have we become!

And here's the original video that started it all.

So there you have it. It was all just fakey McFakester. Well played Funny or Die. Well played.

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