Game of Thrones 'We Live In A Beautiful World' - Stunning Moments Captured In This Compilation

Along with all the violence, nudity, and literal back stabbing Game of Thrones has some of the most stunning scenery, complimented by some gorgeous CGI, that has ever graced the small screen.

With season six reportedly costing $10 million an episode to make, it's no wonder it looks so good. It means they can fly and shoot on location in the perfect places across the world, build the sets that such an epic TV series demands, and then spruce it all up afterwards by adding in the more fantastical elements digitally.

So if you always associate GoT with violence and shock, then this video "Game of Thrones: We Live In A Beautiful World" by videomaker Zurik should remind that it's not just about that.

We're taken on a tour of the world of GoT encompassing all six seasons, from the giant statue guarding the habor at Braavos to the Wall of ice that protects the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms from the wild lands beyond. Each one more breathtaking than the last.

But it's not just scenery either, also included are some of the more emotional and heartwarming (there isn't many) moments too. And, yeah sure, there's plenty of violence and stabbings too. This is Game of Thrones, after all. Lets be honest here people, that's why we love watching it so much.

So, with the news that not only is there only two seasons left before the show ends entirely, but next seasons will air later in the year than usual, get your fleeting GoT fix by watching this.


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