The Garlic Awakens—Someone's Added Garlic Bread To The Force Awakens And It's Hilarious

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was by most accounts a great movie. But as is the way with Star Wars movies, they'll probably be a director's cut coming out in the future so Disney can cream some more money from the franchise. And the sad thing is that we all know we will buy it, that's how life is for a Star Wars fan.

While we await that, there's already a new edition available. Of sorts. It's called Star Wars: The Garlic Awakens and was made by Imgurian GuyGoald who has taken some scenes from the movie and added garlic bread.

And the sad thing is that the new scenes are so hilarious and seem to be made for the movie we all love that we will never be able to watch it again without thinking there is something 'garlicky' missing. What has been seen.

For instance, that part where Rey makes some instant bread from powder and water, well now it's garlic bread.

Also, naturally, a garlic loaf replaces Rey's lightsaber, and we see General Leia Organa getting emotional because she's found out Ben Solo has eaten all the damn garlic bread.

It makes you wish that when Lucas tampered with the original trilogy he just added some garlic bread instead of all that other nonsense. But there's no point in crying over uncooked garlic bread. What's done is done.

The scenes also join in the fine tradition of adding bread products to movies, like this video that added pitta bread to the Hunger Games. It's only a matter of time before we get to pizza.

Check out the garlic GIFs below.

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