Katniss Really Loves Pita In This Hilarious Hungry Hunger Games Video

In this rather brilliant video from YouTubers Pistol Shrimps Peeta, the all-important character from The Hunger Games franchise, is replaced with some pita bread.

Gone is actor Josh Hutchinson, instead is some leavened flatbread often with some lettuce poking out—and Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss is getting very, very passionate about it.

"Pita!" she yells. "Where's Pita?" "Piiiitttaaaaa!" This wheat flour-based product, which has been around since about 2500 BC, illicits in Katniss a whole variety of different emotions. Emotions that you'd rarely associate with pita. Donuts sure, but bread?

She's afraid for pita, she's protective of pita, she's longing after pita, and quite often she's confused about pita's whereabouts. As i guess you would if you were a pita-holic, it's forever in her favor.

But, in the end, always she finds pita.

Must be a case of The Hungry, Hungry Games, surely?


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