"GET DOWN!" - Action-Packed Showcasing That When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Down

Sometimes when life is proving to be slightly 'difficult', especially if you are an actor in a Hollywood blockbuster action movie and intending to stay alive to the next scene, then it's wise to adopt a useful mantra.

Something like the one that is stated on the Screen Junkies YouTube page is pretty much the movie standard, "When the going gets tough, there's only one thing movie characters can do: "GET DOWN!"

It’s a recurring movie moment that, in the quieter moments of your day, you reenact endlessly in your mind’s eye, with you in the position of the hero, pushing some innocent out the way as the camera, in slow-mo of course, closes in on your contorted face as you shout “GET DOWNNNNAAAAA!!!!”

Before unleashing a Hollywood-indistry-standard torrent of bullets upon the enclosing bad guy/aliens/evil robot from the future.

It all goes to enforce the fact that inside of every grown-up man who loves his action movies is a small boy with a plastic gun and a vivid imagination who see the family sofa as a useful bunker to jump behind and take cover.

And the video above showcases a collection of just such moments. Oh, and before i forget, it works with flying sharks as well.


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