Street Smarts 101: 'Hit By A Bus* – The Supercut' Showcases The Extreme Dangers Of Jaywalking

Are you having a crappy day? Does it feel like nothing could possibly make it any worse and no one on the planet can come close to feeling as bad as you do right now?

Well, 'man-up' buddy because even though you might have 99 problems, being hit by a bus probably ain't one--and if it is why the hell are you watching this video and not in the nearest ER?

Let's face it, if you step out in the middle of the road without looking both ways, what the hell do you expect? The hit-by-the-bus cliche is alive and well and in constant use in the movies if this supercut is anything to go by.

And boy, this has enough road-sense fail to tur your anxiety dial up to eleven the next time you cross a road.

But what’s shocking isn’t the people getting run down by a bus, but some of the people’s reactions to it. They seem far too placid. But then that’s Hollywood for you.


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