Google's 'Year In Search 2015' Reveals Some Of The Biggest & Fascinating Moments Of The Year

Google has been doing its annual recap of the year's most queried search terms for the last five years, and it's one way of looking back at some of the big global and national events of the past year.

As well as the video which picks out what was on our minds in 2015, from Syrian refugees, to the finale of Mad Men, the new Star Wars movie, Shia LaBeouf, and the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, there's also a website where people can go into more detail about what was searched for.

The website allows users to tailor the country, types of search terms, and trends along with some figures to show exactly how many people were looking for answers.

Globally the latest Star Wars instalment had over 155 million searches, the Rugby World Cup had 246 million, but both were eclipsed by the Paris attacks in November which had nearly 900 million searches.

The data was put together by Google News Lab and it's a fascinating look at what events were capturing the collective popular imagination.


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