A Guide To Worrying—Or 'How To Get Perspective On Exactly What's Making You So Anxious'

We all worry, it's just something human beings do. But often our worries need some perspective. Because while they might seem all encompassing and without end, chances are that you won't even remember what it is you were worrying about in a few month's time.

To help give you some much needed objectivity to whatever might be making you anxious right now–be it starting a new job, ending an old one, money, moving house, or whatever—British humorist and YouTuber exurb1a has made this video, titled "A Guide To Worrying."

It's not only very funny but is also entirely on point, snapping you back to reality about how trivial your worries are. Using examples of times when people have been far worse off then you—like being trapped in a damaged spacecraft miles from earth with your oxygen running out—exurb1a points out how self-centered our worrying can be. And because of that, much of it is actually quite absurd when given a little bit of perspective.

For instance, when we worry about what people might think of us when we try something new, when actually they're far too busy with their own lives to care.

It also iterates that most of our anxieties are grounded in neurosis and that worrying isn't going to actually do you any good. It's not going to resolve anything, it's just going to make you more anxious.

So, yeah, stop worrying. Unless, of course, you're trapped in a damaged spacecraft miles from earth that's running out of oxygen. Then you're probably entitled to feel a little edgy.


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