OUCH! Guy Dumps His Cheating Girlfriend With The Most Epic Fake Proposal Stunt

No one wants to find out their partner has been cheating on them, it's pretty much the worse news ever and something nobody in a relationship wants to hear. Especially if you have been spending some cosy nights in together planning the future wedding.

But one guy decided not to wallow in the devastating and heartbreaking news that his soon wife-to-be was cheating, and instead staged an extremely elaborate revenge.

The guy found out his girlfriend had been meeting up with another guy after viewing her Facebook chats. And sending this man naughty pictures of herself from restaurant toilets while she out with her boyfriend. That's low.

So, as he explains in the video, he sets up a fake scavenger hunt pretending he's going to take her to see the Northern Lights where he'll propose.

In the video he goes all out, lining her staircase with candles, playing mood music and putting limericks in the cards as he dupes her on the path to being dumped.

Then, once he reveals the epic denouement, he walks out to his car and drives off into the sunset, pumping out techno music and singing into a dildo. #Winning.


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