How To Carry Out The Perfect Wedding Proposal - And How To Completely Ruin The Wedding Night

Depending on whether you're a man, woman or heartless cynic you'll probably be full of love or hate for this Australian guy's elaborate and epic proposal stunt. Roping in his future father-in-law filmmaker Liam Cooper made his own music video where he asks his girlfriend's dad for her hand in marriage.

After taking girlfriend Amy Smith out for a meal, Cooper then took her to the cinema pretending they were going to watch the Will Smith and Margot Robbie movie Focus. After Cooper excuses himself to go to the bathroom, their friends and family pack the place out and the video begins playing on the big screen.

The video shows Cooper miming along to the song "Rude" by the band Magic, acting out the plot of the song which involves Smith's father rejecting Cooper's initial request for blessing, so Cooper undertakes a range of activities to change her father's mind.

Once it finishes Cooper then comes back into the cinema and proposes to Smith on one knee with the engagement ring. Smith for her part spends the film laughing and looking astonished at what she's seeing, as you would be. Fortunately, after all that effort she says "yes."

That's what things look like before the wedding anyway when everyone's on their best behaviour, but once the knot's been tied and the alcohol consumed (in this case lots of alcohol, by the groom), things can start to look very different.

None more so than this perfect demonstration on how to completely ruin the whole wedding event by the incredibly drunk groom below, whose attempts to remove his bride's garter are cringe-inducing, leaving his new bride feeling very embarrassed and by the angry look on her face, none too happy.

I think we can safely say that the wedding was definitely not consummated that night.

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