Guy Eats Dung Beetles And Mashed Potatoes To Prove A Point About Getting A Restful Night's Sleep

Everyone knows that if you really want to prove a point, the best thing to do is put a scientist in a lab coat, sit him down, and get him to eat his way through some delicious crunchy dung beetles embedded in some mashed potato.

It might sound disgusting and cruel to scientists, but in reality scientists love doing things like this just to prove a point to us mere mortals that they have superior knowledge and know things that we can't even begin to comprehend.

At least, that's what seems to be going on here. As the Sleep Council, who know a thing or two about sleeping, force a guy to chomp his way through dead bugs to prove such a point.

A point about why it's essential to not put a new mattress on an old bed base so you can get a decent night's sleep. And so this poor guy doesn't have to endure any more insect dinners.

And a restful night's sleep is essential for a lot of things. Sleep deprivation can lead to diabetes, it can raise your blood pressure, and it can also make you a cranky a-hole and a total grouch to be a round.

So, yeah, listen to this guy. He might not know much when it comes to gourmet food, but he knows about sleep.

And if you have a sadistic mind then you will no doubt enjoy some of the other things the Sleep Council put this man through in the name of science in these videos.

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