'Animals Are Awesome'—Polar Bears Lightsaber Duel And Guinea Pigs Jump Over Lava Thanks To CGI

There is no shortage on the internet of video compilations of animals doing funny stuff. You just have to log into Facebook everyday to see that all of your so-called friends are continuously sharing compilations of dogs, cats, or anything fluffy and cute at the moment.

It's a definite trend unfortunately and will surely go on until you cannot bear to look at another one.

But there aren't many, possibly none until now, compilations of animals having machine gun fights, or polar bears lightsaber dueling or Chihuahuas building Lego dogs or pandas playing the recorder.

These and other such equally impressive feats are collated together in YouTube channel Nukazooka's "Animals Are Awesome" video.

Or course none of the feats are real, that would just be insane. Instead Nukazooka have used their CGI sorcerer to take stock footage of animals and liven it up a bit with some imaginative additions.

No doubt GIFs of these animals will work their way onto the internet at some point in the future, which someone will post out of context in your Facebook feed.

And so the more gullible of your friends will share it thinking that, say, an eagle made off with a dog at the park.

In fact, I've made that GIF below. Let's share it and get that rumor mill going.


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