Guy's Masculinity Is Tested To The Limit As He Attempts To Capture Giant Wolf Spider In Bathroom

Our relationship with arachnids is a delicate one, some brave (crazy) people seem to have no problem being in the vicinity of an eight-legged monster, bent on crawling over your body--whilst the rest of us only feel comfortable when they are not invading your personal space (insert preferred distance in feet, yards, miles, light years here).

But when a giant spider interrupts your day by crawling across your bathroom wall as you are about to have a shower then you have no choice but to face up to reality and either move house, or try and capture it.

This guy chooses the latter, which is the least costly option, but it does mean he has to man-up and try to coax it into whatever container he has to hand.

A paper plate and plastic cup are what he starts with and also, like many of us do, has to talk himself into it while also talking to the spider—pleading with it to cooperate and just get in the f*cking container so everyone can get on with their lives. Hey, we've all been there.

But just when it seems all is lost, lady luck shines down and he manages to capture the little critter with a very fortunate throw. Chalk it up as another win for humanity.

Personally i think that every household bathroom should be equipped with a flame-thrower.

You know. Just to be sure.


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