Can The Internet Help Half A Raw Onion In A Bag Get More Twitter Followers Than Donald Trump

While the battle to become the next POTUS is well and truly over for the next four years it doesn't mean the fight is over just yet. The new battleground is now on social media where an unlikely challenger, 'half a raw onion in a ziplock bag' is out to challenge President Donald Trump when it comes to Twitter followers. A Twitter account @HalfOnionInABag has been set up with that one mission in mind, but can it do it? We can but hope.

Currently it's on 614,840 followers to Donald Trump's 22.2 million so there's obviously some way to go yet, but the day is still young and with the internet's help it can be done. Mashable and the Huffington Post have noted that if it continues accruing followers at its current rate it can match Trump by around April 2018.

But it was only set up on 20 January so it's not done bad so far, especially considering it's just a raw onion. And it has the public's support as many people have rallied behind it.

Before you say it, it has already been noted that this isn't perhaps the most effective form of protest, but it's the sort of thing that would really bug the POTUS if it did end up getting more followers. So that makes it worthwhile, plus it only takes a few seconds of your time to do.

Which is exactly why you should proceed right away to go follow it. Here's one of its first tweets.

Only time will tell if it has the ability to get up there and hit tens of millions of followers, but the more the word is spread, the greater chance it has. It's the least every American can do.

The creator behind the account told CNET why they decided to set it up, "I wanted to make some noise and make some people laugh in the process because I think we're gonna all need a good dose of humor to get through this."

Check out some more tweets from the account and messages of support below. Also make sure you follow @HalfOnionInABag.

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