Scary Halloween Prank Of The Day: How Would You Respond To 'Trick or Treat With Timmy'?

Halloween only comes around once a year so the expectations to make it a good one with an awesome Halloween prank is high. yep, it’s the time of year when we all celebrate evil, but in its most cutesy form possible.

So, naturally, it’s also the time of the Halloween Prank. But in the true essence of ‘evil’, these jokers dressed up a 4 foot dummy to look like a trick or treater complete with bag of candy (and a hidden microphone).

Then off they went door to door with their fake “Timmy” to see what kind of reactions they’d get from their scary Halloween Prank. You guys!

The results are a mixture of concern and downright comedy leaving you thinking just who the 'dummy' is here?

The cutest bit of the whole video though is where poor Timmy suddenly 'faints' when one of the unsuspecting victims give him a little push. Quick, call child services people!

Scary Halloween Prank.

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