Witness An Impressively Gruesome Chainsaw Massacre Prank That Will Scare The Hell Out Of You

The image of a blood-drenched chainsaw-wielding psycho is one we're all familiar with thanks to a certain horror movie. Generally it tends to stay on the screen, which is fine and makes for great entertainment—no one wants to see that happening in the street.

But that's what prankster supremo Vitaly Zdorovetskiy has done to scare the pants off everyone in a prank that features a guy dressed up as Leatherface dismembering someone in a car park.

The victim is Nick Santonastasso. Santonastasso was born with a birth defect known as Hanhart syndrome which means he was born without any legs and just one arm.

It's his condition that makes the prank possible, as he's covered in fake blood and guts and is screaming for help while being dragged around the floor. Naturally members of the public are absolutely terrified and run screaming as soon as they catch sight it it all.

It's brutal, but hilarious.

If you want to know how they pulled it off, check out the behind the scenes below.

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