Beware The Dangers Of A Pumpkin Nutshot And Other Painful Halloween Fails

Halloween is fast approaching and that means a time for some scary fun, creepy costumes, an excess of alcohol and of course, a high chance of festive FAIL! It's a wonderful mixture to celebrate an annual tradition that promises lots of lolz and we expect nothing less.

So it seems prudent to showcase come of the more amusing videos that are currently doing the rounds on the internet to get you warmed up for the big event. Enjoy.

First up, the video above is pure slapstick comedy, putting aside for a moment why on earth you'd want to give yourself a nutshot with a pumpkin in the first place, this video shows how disastrously wrong doing such a thing can go. Not only does this guy take one to the family jewels but then he takes a ladder to the face, resulting in a bloodied nose and scabs that would serve him well for some trick or treating.

So just be careful out there this Halloween, you don't want to be a victim of your own idiocy like these people below and end up on the internet for other people's entertainment.

1. Remember, wearing a mask means your field of vision is a little impaired.

2. Be careful when using fake blood, especially near a computer.

3. And here's a song to remind you of the fails to avoid this Halloween.

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