Halloween Quiz Time: Can You Survive The Night?

It's fright night soon so why not test your mettle with this Halloween quiz? You can look at it as a primer for the big night of dress-up, ghouls, goblins, ghosts, and lashings of fake blood. The night of All Hallows' Eve, a period marked since pagan times, an ancient festival that ushered in the dark months of winter.

A time when medieval Irish kings would hold banquets in their great halls to use up the stock of summer, tell stories and ponder the future. It's also known as Samhain, that period of reflection and celebration after the harvest was done, and a night when the dead would rise up and walk among the living.

And, you know, a time to dress up as a sexy Bert and Ernie and get wasted on green-colored punch. Which is how people generally mark this ancient festival in the teen years of the 21st century.

So in honor of that you can play this Halloween quiz and see if you can survive the night. It's a night that begins like many others, with you home alone. But then, like all good horror movie tropes, you suddenly receive a phone call very late at night. Yet who but someone with murderous intent calls at such an ungodly hour?

From there this Halloween quiz will put you through your paces as it's time to make some quick-fired, ill-thought out decisions as an intruder enters your home and starts acting like they're recreating the first scene from the Scream movie. What follows in this Halloween quiz is plenty more horror movies shamelessly ripped off paid homage to. So prepare to follow that familiar horror movie narrative arc of starting off somewhere safe and familiar—and ending up somewhere new, terrifying, gruesome and deathly.

For now, all that's left to ask is: Can your heart stand the shocking, unholy terror of this abominable Halloween quiz? Play it and find out.

It's Time to Play The Halloween Quiz


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