On A Scale Of 1 to 5 – How Brave Are You?

So, do you have what it takes to stand up for what you think is right, do you have the courage to meet whatever life throws at you head-on, or are you reading this from behind the sofa?

Here’s a scenario that will put you to the test:

You are a 38yr old man at home with your family, a wife and 2 kids, you live in the suburbs of Chicago, in a lovely house, in a good neighborhood, you work in the city in a good job, life is pretty good. Tonight you took your wife and kids out for a celebration dinner as you have just won a big promotion at work, it was a good family evening, now you are back home, it’s late, you are all asleep.....but then you hear a noise.

The following questions will determine just what you are made of:


[mtouchquiz 2]

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