#CondomChallenge: Teens Are Dropping Water-Filled Condoms On Their Heads In The Name Of Fun

It's time to shake your head in disbelief and tut disapprovingly. Because those darn teens, when they aren't summoning a Mexican demon or making themselves look intentionally ugly, are dropping condoms full of water onto their heads. And then laughing while doing it! Outrageous, right?

Yes, instead of being out drinking illicitly gained alcohol at the local park or stealing sharpies from Wallmart, they're at home (or someone else's home) endangering their lives and giving media companies something to populate their website's with.

It's believed that it originated from the guys below, who wanted to drop a water balloon on their friend's head but used a condom instead, and the condom dropped right over his head covering it in plastic AND water.

Making it extra dangerous.

Expect an interview with those two on CNN sometime soon. Until then there's the hashtag #CondomChallenge and even a Twitter account @CondomChaIlenge that's amassed over 30K followers.

And, of course, everyone bemoaning how dangerous it is while simultaneously giving it loads of exposure and promotion by writing about it. Just like us.

So with that in mind, take a look below at some of the fun those teens are having (there's even a— GASP—mom taking part in one). Tut, tut. SMH.

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