Hot D.I.Y - "Hey Jacob, What's That You've been Building In Your Workshop And What Does It Do?"

It's a fact that some women hate, men just LOVE their workshop, it's a place for them to go, away from the routine of the household and retreat into solitude and contemplate life whilst they busy themselves on their latest project.

Be it a new kitchen table, a swing for the kids, a rebuild of an old car, or maybe, just maybe, the construction of a fully functional homemade flame-thrower. And why not?

Jacob (the guy in the video above) is one such guy, after spending 'god knows' how long in his workshop his latest creation is ready for testing and like any man he needs an audience, enter stage-left his wife.

Totally unaware of what is about to transpire.

Jacob lights a cigarette (WTF!?!) and lets his latest invention rip, the ensuing response from his wife is like gold to the ears of every man who has toiled hard on a project and proud of his creation.

It's a perfect moment.


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