Hilarious Ed Sheeran 'Thinking Out Loud' Shred Is The Best (Worst) Performance He's Ever Given

Ed Sheeran's the kind of musician that you really want to hate, but then you read stories of him in the press and he sounds like a nice, humorous guy.

Yep, he's an all-round good guy, the sort of guy who hears a shred of himself singing a live version of his track "Thinking Out Loud," where he sounds like the worst singer who ever lived, and tweets a link to it with a witty line.

Which is exactly what he did (below) for TheKosmic8's brilliantly skewered version of said track in a video called "Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud - Live (Worst Performance Ever) Shreds."

It's certainly not a performance any self-respecting professional musician would want to shout about. But Ed saw the funny side and made it very difficult indeed to despise him for no reason at all.

As a shred it's pretty amazing, full of out of tune singing, off-key instrument-playing, and a general level of amateurism that even an open mic night down the local dive bar would be ashamed of.


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