Hillary Clinton Sends Desperate Email Asking For $1 Donation, Becomes Meme #ImNotKiddingMaddi

The campaign trail can be tough. Especially financially. So tough that Hilary Clinton's fundraising resorted to emailing a woman called Maddi and asking her one for a donation of one dollar. She wanted it "right this second" and stipulated that she was "not kidding, Maddi."

Don't these politicians ever learn? It makes you wonder their thinking process when stuff like this is internet gold.

Maddi, the recipient of the email, did exactly what anyone would do under the circumstances and posted the contents of it online and it gathered traction and made its way to Twitter where the memes started coming in.

Oh the irony, it just too easy nowadays.

Using the hashtag #ImNotKiddingMaddi people began ridiculing Clinton, or her campaign team or whoever sent that email, and mocking, not just the desperate tone of it, but the fact the tone was so desperate over such a paltry amount of money.

But you can understand the desperation, because it's happened right after Clinton was beaten by Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire primaries with a 20% margin after a record turnout in the state. Sanders claimed the win showed he could make it to the White House and it's no doubt a big boost to his supporters.

Time will tell. Meanwhile here's the supposed email Clinton sent.

And here's the memes and lampooning that followed.

Whether the email was sent by Clinton or her team or whether it's just some prankster or even Bernie Sanders himself, you can't deny these are some funny responses.

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