Making a Simpsons Murderer - Homer Is The Accused Steven Avery In Amazing Parody Mashup

If you haven't seen Netflix's 10-part documentary that's as addictive as crack Making a Murderer, then maybe you shouldn't watch this video.

Made by Vulture it spoofs the happenings of the series, where a man called Steven Avery finds out the hard way that the American justice system can suck big time.

As the Vulture website states, "Outsider. Family man. Occasional troublemaker. Shabby dresser. Repeatedly accused of crimes in a city where the police are far from reliable. All these descriptors fit Steven Avery, the accused murderer at the heart of Netflix's hit documentary series Making a Murderer ... but they could also fit beloved cartoon oaf Homer Simpson."

In Making a Simpsons Murderer Homer is Steven Avery, the man potentially wrongfully accused of murder, and the Springfield Police Department are the Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department who accuse Avery of the crime.

In Netflix's documentary the Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department are shown to be somewhat unethical (aka corrupt as f*ck) and so parodying them with Springfield Police Department means there's plenty of appropriate footage to make this mashup work brilliantly.

By pouring through the Simpsons back catalogue, Vulture manages a spookily accurate pastiche of the original documentary of the flawed criminal-justice system in the all-American town of Springfield.

It's brilliant. FREE HOMER!


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