Honest Trailer For 'Toy Story' Shows It Was A Much, Much Darker Film Than We All Realised

It's hard to believe but Toy Story is twenty years old this year, so a great time for Honest Trailers to tackle this classic of computer-animation, and they bring up some very interesting points that seem to have been overlooked when it first came out. Maybe we were all so blown away by the CGI.

Because not only does it show what an ego-driven a-hole Woody was, but it also points out how cruel they toys are to Sid, who's only crime was trying to get his alcoholic dad to notice him.

And as if all that isn't dark enough for a kid's film, it also raises some troubling existential questions.

Questions like: Can toys die? Are toys born? When do they become sentient? Can they have kids? Do sex toys count? Do all toys initially have the same mental and philosophical breakdown as Buzz? Phew.

There's also a cool conspiracy theory circulating the internet at the moment that claims to reveal the true identity of Andy's mom, but lets not go there. The shock of that on top of all of these dark revelations will completely ruin your childhood. Intense.

Counterbalancing all this introspection is comedian Will Sasso's hilarious impression of Randy Newman, which will definitely rouse you from any existential slump.


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