Tom Hanks And James Corden Act Out Every One Of The Hollywood Star's Movies in 7 Minutes

By now you're probably aware that James Corden pretty much rocked everyone's worlds as the new host of The Late Late Show. He did a few things differently, he sat on the left of the screen (all other US talk show hosts sit on the right), he got all his guests out at the same time, and he didn't sit behind a desk, but next to his guests on a swivel chair.

As well as his presenting style, he also jumped straight in with the tact of doing segments of the show that will find a huge audience online and go viral. Which is what happened with the clip of Corden and Tom Hanks acting out scenes from Hanks' filmic back catalogue.

The highlight of the sketch though had to be when they tried to cover Cloud Atlas, Not even Tom Hanks had an answer for that one. It's good to know he shares the pain that we all do about that film.

Standing in front of a blue screen, they dash through Hanks' hits in under eight minutes.

They even include Turner and Hooch.


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