Honest Trailer For 'Love Actually' Subtly Points Out That, Actually, It's A Really Awful Rom-Com

If you're the sort of person who's never really taken to Brit rom-com Love Actually, then this Honest Trailer is going to be be something you enjoy immensely. Because the guys over at Honest Trailers tear it a new one, piercing through its happy, annoying shell to reveal the misery-soaked heart within.

Don't be fooled and tempted to fight it's corner just because it happens to have Bilbo Baggins, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead and the Gray Matter Guy from Breaking Bad amongst it's cast, it's just an evil ploy to get you thinking, "Whoa! This film could be good?" - It isn't.

"Follow along on this Pulp Fiction for girls flick stuffed with eight different plotlines that are crazy and depressing when you actually stop to think about it. Like, a man getting over the death of his wife by helping his kid seduce a girl with the same name as his dead mom." goes the video.

You see. How messed up is that? And this is supposed to be a festive film to uplift the spirits.

And that's without even mentioning the plotline involving the guy hitting on his best friend's wife. Man, this Honest Trailer has got me riled up. WHAT KIND OF SICK, TWISTED FILM IS THIS?

All the more evil because it's masquerading under a sweet exterior. But finally, we now know the truth.


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