How To Ride A Motorcycle In Vietnam - POV Video Captures An Insane Scooter Ride Through Hanoi

For any keen biker i'm sure you've all seen plenty of 'How To Ride A Motorcycle' videos as you get tips and prepare to take your two wheels on the highway. But i guarantee you're going to be flinching and covering your eyes a lot while watching the insane and disturbing footage of this motorbike riding around Hanoi, Vietnam.

This looks more like some crazy sped-up video game than normal road driving and is probably essential 'How To Ride A Motorcycle' material is you are thinking of visiting Asia and partaking in some motorcycle rental action.

Shot from a headcam it gives a POV of someone weaving in and out of traffic on a scooter, somehow managing to avoid certain death on numerous occasions. In short it's pretty much the most terrifying, butt-clenching footage you will have seen for a while. It's insane.

Is This How Everyone Rides In Hanoi?

How To Ride A Motorcycle In Vietnam.

If you're wondering if this is how the locals get around, it certainly doesn't seem this is how everybody drives in Hanoi (Vietnam's capital). Because you can see everyone else is just driving normally, not dodging other vehicles like they were getting a pregnant wife to hospital, like the maniac who's shooting the video.

It doesn't help that they're having to negotiate the maze-like chaos of Hanoi's bustling roads either, but if nothing else it should make them drive more safely, not less so. It's like something out of an action movie chase scene.

It's difficult just watching it, so imagine being the person on the scooter, squeezing through gaps in the traffic barely wider enough, and no doubt getting death stares from the other scooter riders, who there's plenty of.

It all adds up to a thrill ride that you'll be glad you're living vicariously rather than actually doing.

For further indication of what the traffic is like in this city, and how dangerous the person in the video above is driving, check out the video below. 'How To Ride A Motorcycle In Vietnam' indeed.

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