'One Of Those Days' - Live Vicariously Through Candide Thovex's Insane POV Skiing Video

Frenchman Candide Thovex is a pioneer of freestyle skiing and has started the year in GoPro videos off to a flying (and that can be taken literally) start with video One of Those Days 2.

In it we're given five minutes of what it must feel like to be a professional skier at the top of their game, as we get a first-person view of Thovex speeding down the slopes and pulling off some insane stunts.

It all takes place at the Val Blanc resort in France, with Thovex starting the day with a shower and cup of tea before he takes off on a heart-racing ski run, involving flips through the air and death-defying weaving through the trees. You can feel your body tensing up just watching it on a computer screen.

Which means someone should definitely turn it into an Oculus Rift game. The video is a sequel to One of These Days released in 2013 which showed "A usual skiing day for Candide in his home resort."

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