Martyn Ford Is A 6ft 8in 320lb Hulking Bodybuilder Called 'Nightmare' & Totally Lives Up To His Name

Some bodybuilders are big and muscular, some are Martyn Ford. He's a guy of Hulk-like proportions who also goes by the moniker "Nightmare"—covered in tattoos, bald, and measuring 6-foot-8 in height and 325 pounds in weight, he so totally deserves that nickname.

Nightmare wasn't always such a beast of a man though. 12 years ago he used to be a skinny guy with only 4% body fat who liked to run. Then he started to workout and bulk up and so began his incredible transformation.

"I never really had a goal as such, I just wanted to be bigger." Martyn Ford told British site Lad Bible in an interview. "12 years on I seem to be that for sure, but there’s still more to achieve with my physique. The initial transformation I would say took two to three years. You were definitely looking at two different people then for sure."

It saw the bodybuilder, according to the Daily Mail, go from an 11-stone skinny teenager to a 23-stone giant who spends over $300 a week on food to get the epic amount of calories his workout demands.

Martyn Ford In The Movies

As well as being frighteningly huge, Martyn Ford is also getting into acting, which he says came about by chance.

He's starred in the film Boyka: Undisputed 4, a cult martial arts film that is the sequel to the 2010 boxing film Undisputed III: Redemption, where Ford plays a villain—a cannibal, rapist, and murderer—named Koshmar.

It's due to be released and hit the cinemas in the USA on 18 April 2017.

What Does Martyn Ford Eat?

martyn ford 01.

If you're wondering what kind of nutrients someone like the size of Martyn Ford needs to consume, he eats between 6,500-7,000 kcals a day. Bear in mind the standard for an average man is around 2,000. But if you're as big as he is, you're going to need meals to match.

In order to burn off all those calories Martyn Ford told Simplyshredded.com his his tough workout regime keeps him looking huge and stops him turning back into that skinny guy he used to be 12 years ago.

"Currently I am doing HIT training. I run a program for 4-5 weeks and then I have a week off, where I do high volume work." he says. "I will switch up the exercises in the second phase, but the reps and methods will remain the same. In regards to fitness, I do MMA training twice per week, with two sessions at the Gracie Academy for BJJ and 2-3 interval sessions in the gym."

Martyn Ford On Instagram.

Check out some of the best pics of Martyn Ford from his Instagram page below.

BUILDING MUSCLE CARBS Vs PROTEIN Lately (as you can see) i have really upped my game and in all fairness my knowledge of resistance training and muscle building. Education is the biggest 'secret' in this game. Understanding macronutrients and the IMPORTANCE of correct breakdown and timing of these nutrients is KEY in achieving any goals in the fitness world. Carbohydrates have a bad press at times, however there are essential in the building of muscle. Building muscle is a very high impact sport. Carbohydrates are what the body uses to fuel workouts, these workouts must be done to break the muscle tissue down before the protein can repair and rebuild. How much carb is the challenge. This can alter on age, energy levels, level of athlete, body type and current state of the athletes frame. However with all this taken into consideration it is still clear that carbohydrates are the number one macro essential for muscle building, you just need to figure out how much. #carbohydrates #martynford #fitness trainer #onlinetrainer #fitnessgoals #muscle build for more information on how i can help ypu avhieve your goals, you can email me on [email protected]
Just finished and amazing session WIth @tomocoleman. With two massive targets within the next two month training has been taken up a whole new level, 3 weeks and counting until filming commences for final score and in 8 weeks my debut apearance on stage. Working with tom on posing and showing off the body at its best angles was extremely beneficial and challeging at the same time. We used alot of volume and worked with tempo speed to fully overload the muscles. working with drop sets and super sets to tear the muscles and force improvement to the physique -Shoulders- Front raise/lateral/rear delts 3 x 20 (giant set with no rest inbetween exercises) Shoulder press db 5 x 30 (first 15 reps performed at a slow speed with a 2 second hold at bottom of the movement, the next 15 were performed at a faster speed with no pause) Rear delts/upright row 3 x 20 (performed at a slow speed pausing at the top of contraction in a super set) Shrugs 3 x 30 (first 15 slow with 2 second pause on contraction last 15 faster speed no pause, pump set) The idea of the workout is to completely fatigue the muscle and working on creating a 3d visual effect. This new form of training and balancing my physique has been a new learning curve in a whole new area of fitness. having trained for many sports and perfomance being the main objective focusing on creating a balanced pleasing physique is my latest challenge. #pca #bodypower #5percentnutrition #martynford #tomcoleman #physique #muscle
Many people ask me how to push through the pain, how do i stay focused, what keeps me coming back, why do I not give in. It's very simple, I have a vision in my head, a reason to want more. It sounds strange but I have always found that visualisation is a phenomenal weapon of attack. I have often used various memories that trigure emotions to get a reaction. This is also used by many actors when performing. Done correctly this can be such a moving experience. When I train, I often think about my daughter. I close my eyes and imagine what life would be like if I wasn't able to provide, be there or support her how I should. I then tell myself, all I have to do is move that weight 8 times, up and down and everything will be OK. I literally drum this into my head. Take a big deep breathe and go. It sounds a little crazy to those who have never touched on the power of the mind, but trust me. If you ever allow yourself to believe enough that the feelings are true, you create an energy greater than you could imagine. Give it a go, warm up. Pick an exercise, try this technique and see how it feels. Would love to know how many people use psychology for training or sports? #martynford #training # motivation
fasted cardio explained. -You can target the really stubborn fat that your body loves to hold on to when you are in a fasted state. (Hips and thighs for women, abs and lower back for men) -Performing fasted cardio would usually mean 10 hours or less without eating.  Now your body can store glycogen for 12-16 hours before you need to replenish with food.  So it could be argued 10 hours fasting depletes the body enough to predominately burn FAT, but still holds a little glycogen to prevent excessive muscle tissue breakdown. - Bodybuilders, at a high level with large muscle mass, pin point nutrition and extra training supplements used (above and below counter shall we say) will have far less concerns on muscle wastage that fasted cardio can bring.  For these guys fasted cardio is a vital tool and also a fantastic way of hitting top level conditioning. -Natural athletes and those who are of a slighter build, you would achieve greater benefits and less disadvantages if you were to perform HIT cardio with a good meal in you than you would performing fasted cardio. - Due to the fact you have 0 energy on a fasted state, the cardio performed will be mainly focused on steady state.  You might be able to smash out a few sprints, but the level of intensity and your product outcome will be below par. It is ALL again however down to trial and error, your personal objectives and the look YOU want. - Diet is STILL KING however, no matter what cardio you do, if you want more than you burn off! It won't work!!!! #training #focus #fitness #fatloss
BUILDING A BIG BACK! This is of area of mine that I really need to focus on, I want a thicker and wider back to balance my frame.  Back days will from now on include plenty of rowing movements, alternating from machines to bars and dumbells.  Really targeting and working the muscles hard.  It is key that each muscle is really pin pointed and focused on. The MIND AND MUSCLE connection is often missed and not appreciated by many in the sport at beginners level (myself included) the  bigger is always better attitude doesn't always allow for controlled  and contracted reps. Many lifters learn the pull from the biceps rather than the back when performing rows and pulldowns of various types. And while they may use reasonably "safe" technique, they neglect key components, like putting the scapulae in the depressed, retracted position at the start of the movement. Be sure to start each exercise knowing exactly how it should feel, the position your body should be in through out the movement and exactly what muscles are working at what time.  FEEL the movement and the muscles you are suppose to be working !!! # back #training
Life is not about what you are given, what you have when you start, the cards you are dealt are mearly a starting point of the game we all play. The way YOU decide to play that game is down to YOU. Sure some start higher on the board, in a better position, with much more than you, but is that really relevant to the success or failure of YOUR own life? Sometimes you just need to stand up and face the fact YOU are the one who is control and only you can answer that man in the mirror to the one question in life we all ask ourselves at time to time "have i really give it my all" start to change to do and make a better tomorrow! I cant think of a better man to share this statement with than this man @micquelwright #onelife
Carbohydrates and MUSCLE BUILDING or ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE Over the past few years, carbohydrates have had some awful press.  Now the problem is many people are NOT fully understanding the mix match of information that is being put out for the masses to read.  The FACT is carbohydrates are ESSENTIAL for muscle building and exercise performance.  The problem becomes when the wrong type of carbs are eaten, or too  much! It's all about balance and understanding of which type of carbs to eat and when. The fact is bodybuilders and lifters alike have been sidetracked and horribly misguided on the 'zero or low carbohydrate' kick. Not only is this a whole lot of nonsense, but also going low carbohydrate is absolutely disastrous for athletes who want to build muscle faster. High protein and higher fat diets are used well for dieting down, however you are extremely susceptible to muscle wastage and your performance/energy levels will drop dramatically during this stage. Be sure to follow the CORRECT diet for your goals!!! Understand your body and appreciate the importance of educating yourself of food sources to achieve maximum results #martynford #training # performance # results #powonline #trainer
Anything in life is possible, it's just a case of how important it is to you to ACHIEVE your goals. This look is not for all, it's not that I did this to please or justify myself to anyone, I did this FOR ME! It was a challenge, a goal, a journey....... you see I really do believe that we should ALL test ourselves on a regular basis, pushing our limits, achieving dreams and having the ability to do what ever it takes. This doesn't make you better or worse than anyone else, but what it does do is makes you a stronger man than you were. The satisfaction in achievement is priceless, if it's fitness, life, business..... whatever, if you give yourself a goal and achieve, well you have grown and stepped one stride closer to the man you could be. #believe #focus #dreams #350lb #realmonster #tattoo
Shoulder Day with @guycharding. So shoulders are such a huge part of any physique, really setting off that first impression. I have a few areas I'm really looking at working on, rear delts and trapz being one of them so this for me was a great session. "Smashed out shoulders today! I always focus on the heavy presses at the start and then move around the delts! Making sure hitting every range of movement! Starting with front delts 2 warm up sets of barbell shoulder press then 3 full working sets! Aiming for the rep range between 8-12 when you hit failure! NOT when you hit a number! If your getting 15 reps out on the weight then increase the weight! 3 working sets! Next exercise would be side raises! I see so many people on side raises just ... 'Doing' a set,  you need to be failing on these! Side raises are the best exercise to increase that side wide that everyone is after! 5 sets hoping to increase the weight every set! Now onto rear delts (the muscle group must people forget about) I always use the chest fly machine in reverse, it's perfect to hit the rears and really squeeze the life out of them. High 15-20 reps 3 sets. Then I always finish on a final press. By this time my fronts have had a rest so time to blast them again! Seated dumbell press rep range of 12-15 reps and 4 sets to full burn the delts out! Hitting each different part of the delts will result in round boulder shoulders that everyone is after!" Credit to @guycharding. #shoulderpump #mass #gains #monsters
Knowing your OWN BODY! It is essential that before you start any plan of attack that you first have an understanding of what you are working with. Here is a great way to take a step back to leap two forwards. 1- research and understand your body type. 2- write down your goals. 3-do a fitness test relevant to your goals. 4-from testing results use scores to produce a routine and structured progression. 5-use advanced techniques that match your body type and training goals. TIPS are fantastic, but to really get progression you need to do more than just add a few 'tips' into the equation. I have a few hours free over the weekend, and I love helping people! So...... i will be doing 5 fitness and nutrition plans for muscle build at half price. First come will get! To receive more info please DM me on here or email me on [email protected] # knowledge
I have found that hitting the muscles twice per week, dropping weights slightly and focusing much more of form and contraction of the exercise has had a significant affect on my physique.  As you can see, i look fuller, larger yet leaner!!! I will be putting out a much more detailed plan of what i am doing some and how it has affected my physique to date.  I feel great and the results pretty much speak for themselves! Turns out my friends actually know a little about body building! Lol loving the new wasy of training and the results which are folllowing.  Now its time to step it up another level.  8 wks and counting! #india #bodypower generationiron #martynford
MARTYN'S MENU So tonight we have for meal 8 of the day. 300g extra lean steak mince 1 whole tin low sugar baked beans Steak spice flavouring 300g sweet potato 300g cottage cheese 3 tbs peanut butter 2 Ryvita COTTAGE CHEESE FACTS Cottage cheese is ideal before bed because it includes lots of casein protein, which releases slowly into the body. This ensures a steady supply of amino acids through the night. There is also another trick up my sleeve. By Adding natural peanut butter to this meal it increases digestion time, enhancing the meals ability to control hunger. Understand WHAT, WHY AND WHEN you need to EAT. Food is king in this sport, anyone who honestly believes anything other is seriously under educated. Get on top of your food, get on top of your results! Huge shout to @themeatman eatman for this incredible meat. #food #diet #fitness
Training Tips for new comers to the game. The most important part of training is understanding your body, your body type and being realistic to your level. There is no point following the program of a pro body builder if you've literally just walked into the gym. Building the body is a process, to build a solid building, it must be done a brick at a time. So with that been said here is an excellent way to introduce your body to training. Level one program: Monday: whole body Tuesday: rest Wednesday: whole body Thursday: rest Friday: whole body Sat: rest Sunday: rest Ideal routine to be performed with 3 sets of 10-12 reps and 45-60 rest between sets. Deadlift Bent Over Row Chest Press Shoulder Press Uptight Row Squat Leg Press Hamstring Curl Follow this program for 4-6 wks , gradually increasing the weights been used in the exercise. If you find performing the deadlift and squat to much, replace deadlift with pull ups or pull downs if you can't do those. Nutrition Aim to eat 6 meals per day, be sure that your biggest meals and breakfast, pre and post training. These meals should really focus on quality foods, on average aim for 25-35 g of protein, 40-60 g of carb and 10-15 g fats in these meals. Hydration is very important! Your water intake is key to success. Supplements A great supplement to consume is BCAA, take these am , pre/intra/post training and before bed. Protein shake and carbs drink post training is also key with in 20 minutes of training (golden window) you can eat food here, but for practical reasons shakes tend to be much easier. I'm using the 'alldayyoumay' www.rich-Piana.com for my BCAA and glutamine intake. Remember eat well, train hard and supplement smart! Quality food and structured training is key! Good luck @5percentnutrition #martynford #training #growth #motivation #getstarted
Cheat night with the family! Not sure why my shoulder looks dislodged or why I'm giving the uncle a flower lol but what it does show is I've grown!!! Lol feeling the gains from the last few wks for sure, last few wks religiously been on top of my food and switching training up , really loading the carbs pre/during/post really seems to be working well for me #nutrition #food #training #vegetables
Motivation Sunday! To MYSELF! Sometimes I still see myself as I was, and anyone who has ever been in this position I would imagine do so the same! On the left I was around 12 stone, which at 6'8 is not a great weight! Been this skinny was the worst time of my life, if you've ever been there, you know what I mean. So now , ten years on, I still feel I have a way to go, it's a long process and will I ever be happy? Who knows, when I say my biggest challenge is the man in the mirror, you see why! I couldn't care how good or bad the man next to me in the gym looks, I do this for me and no one else! #martynford #motivation #sundays
Ok so many people have messaged me about getting weight on. I'm holding the secret, FOOD. No matter what people presume or shout about, this is very much needed! It's vital. So this post is aimed at the new comer, the fresh starter and skinny kid. Aim to hit 6 meals at first, you need to start the day well, make sure you eat pretty much as soon as you wake up, no excuses , this is vital! For the hard gainer I would aim for a macro breakdown of 40% carbs and 30% protein and fats. Looking at around 25-35g protein each meal, and consuming around 40-60g carbs and 10-15 g healthy fats, these are very much guesstimates! But will get you in the ball park at least. Consume vegetables with All meals and try to mix up the types of whole food your eating. Prepare your food to take with you, never leave the house with no food! Vital mistake made by many! Drink plenty of water And record results, if not weight is going on, increase your calories by around 350-500 kcal per day. And last of all, good luck! #food #training #articles #martynford
I've always had a clear vision of what I want to achieve. After having a fantastic year so far, I'm still not even close to ticking off half my boxes. I have and always will be very ambitious. I believe goals and ambitions are key for us all! If we don't have something to stride to then what are we doing here! I have wobbled my head and got my focused hat on, just because you did well today, that doesn't mean your success will automatically follow tomorrow! #focus #muscle #filming #targets #goals
Ok so I've been asked about how to keep from swinging when curling. Very simply, start from the bottom, position your feet shoulder width apart, keep knees slightly bent (very important) chest proud and retract the shoulders. Then keeping that torso position lean forward slightly at the hips. This puts your body at an angle which helps keep cheating to a minimum. Remember the only movement should be at the elbow joint. Keep your wrist looked in a position which eliminates forearm movement. Keep a constant controlled speed and feel the muscle / mind connection #bicep #training #muscle #tips
Chest day- TOP TIP after each set of fly's today I did these. Take a deep breath, contract and hold as hard as you can. This is great for giving that chest and extra little pump, works great for bringing out extra definition and detail when dieting down also. Today's session was immense, I followed my plan, dropped my weight, stuck to 60 second maximum rest and had an incredible session! No ego at all, just pure hard work! #chest #tips #bloodysweattears #muscle #martynford
Cardio? Should I , shouldn't I? Very quick answer for all training , YES!!!!! Now if you want to read on, I will explain why. First and foremost the obvious, your health! And for some reason this still isn't a good enough reason? Bizarre but true! Now to sell this to all you muscle hungry monsters! Lol Why do cardio for gains? I'm not saying to do intervals, intense fart Lek or fasted state cardio! This is simply, steady state cardio, slow and steady, nice comfortable speed. You won't be breaking any world records, but this isn't the objective! By doing moderately intensive cardio, the bloody flow will be increased in those areas been used. This has HUGE affects on recovery and recovery speed! This is due to fresh nutrients been delivered to the relevant areas and the waste products (toxins) been taken away. Just remember that the body will only deliver the fresh toxins to the areas the blood is been pumped to! This of your muscles as tyres on a car! If you pump up your back tyre, don't expect your front one to inflate at the same time! So make the cardio relevant to the areas worked! Bike ideal for legs, tower, swimming, arm based cardio machine or crosstrainer with arm motion great for upper body. If your bulking I would stick to 15-20 min post session, and be sure to take your drink on board straight away! Remember the aim of this isn't fat loss! It's recovery! So if you are a hard gainer, and find your losing weight, don't be afraid to drink carb drink during so your body is burning the fuel from that rather than fat or muscle tissue. #cardio #training #educational #youtube #martynford #gains #bloodysweattears
Shoulder routine I will be using this week . Dumbbell shoulder press to start: key point is to use a weight you can control and go deep with, try to get the DB at least an inch of the top of the shoulder on full stretching of the movement, when driving the DB back up do so with a motion as if you are using a barbell (don't let db's meet) also be sure not to lick the elbows out at the top of the movement, keep a constant speed of 2:2 for this movement. Once you have done a warm up set try this form of pyramid training. Pick a weight you can do 20 reps with , rest 45 seconds then use a weight you can perform 15 reps with, rest 60 seconds then a weight you can perform 10 reps with rest 60 seconds and do that 10 rep wait again, followed with drop sets with the previous two weights used before with no rest in between these 3 sets. Rest 30 seconds snd use the last weight you just used to rep out as many as you can. I will then perform 3 straight sets of strict , constant tension lateral raise, on the last set I will use forced reps at the end of the set (have my spot take the weight up-hold for as long as I can by myself and lower as slow as possible) completing 4-5 of these reps. Then picking up a weight 50% of what I just used to perform lateral raise with. Working with the cables I will next do rear delts and work this super strict and slow to feel the burn, 3 sets 15 reps. 45 sec rest between Dumbbell front raise for 10 strict super slow reps, superset with cable front raise just hitting the top 1/3 of the movement. I will do 3 sets with 60 sec rest between super sets. If you still have fuel left in the tank, try this! Pick up a weight around 5-10 kg Front raise Lateral raise Rear delts Standing shoulder press Do all 4 movements in succession hitting 15-20 reps of each! See how many times you can run a complete circuit without stopping! Enjoy and let me know how the session goes! I will be filming mine so you can view on YouTube channel. Thanks for great support, appreciated as always! @chrisray_07 #martynford #shoulders #training
Fat Burning Top Tips: So we all know diet is key for success here, but that doesn't mean you can ignore training, and training correctly! For maximum fat burning effect you need to focus on big movements while weight training, these are called compound movements. They use massive amounts of energy to perform the movement, this meaning you end up burning more calories each rep. Once you have decided on your exercises you will use, then you need to focus on finer detail. By using a slower rep speed(focusing on the negative) 2seconds up and 4 seconds down would be ideal, by doing this your causing more damage to the muscle fibres, as your metabolism kicks in during the whole recovery period of a muscle, the harder it's worked, the longer the recovery. This basically means your burning fat while resting. Finally once you have completed the resistance plan, jump into 15-20 minutes of cardio, prime time to burn fat is straight after an intense resistance session as your body has burned all the sugar in the blood stream already, so the body will tap into fat stores to fuel the cardio workout! Hope this helps clear up a few often asked questions #martynford #training #fatloss
We have all been there, no one accidentally grows muscle! However it often seems impossible to get good advice on how they did it! After been in that place, so desperate to grow and feel better about myself, I know how frustrating it can be. So here are a few notes to help you on your journey. Most common mistakes people make when trying to grow are: •under eating •overtraining •poor exercise form •not training the muscles hard enough •poor training structure Ok I'm going to focus on over training here! The biggest mistakes new comers or those who are desperate to grow is they simple do to much volume and not enough intensity/quality. There is a simple physiological fact when it comes to building muscle. If a muscle is to grow in strength and size it must first fully recover from the last exercise session using that/those body parts. The average person usually takes between 24-48 hours for there muscle to recover. It is during this time that the muscle feeds, repairs and grows. It is common for a new comer to recover faster than intermediate or advanced individuals. This is why a 3 day alternate day split is ideal for new starters. Recovery time (est) •beg 48 hrs •int 72 hrs •adv 96 hrs This is mainly due to how intense an advanced athlete can push there body, needing longer recovery time. So with all this in mind be sure to eat, train and rest properly for optimal and faster gains! Train smarter not harder! Hope this makes sense and sinks in, if helps just one person feel better about themselves in weeks to come it was worth the thumb act writing this has caused me! Lol #help #guidance #support #family #betabodz #martynford
Me and my little pal lol @michaelharry1990 poor boy gets some stick! And he's very normal sized! Apart from in between his ears! One of my best friends and biggest headache's all rolled I to one! Lol I was at my biggest and leanest of the year here, this was the result of s rebound after some intense dieting and training earlier in the year. This is why switching up training is so good for you, the body literally absorbs everything like a sponge post dieting, take full advantage of this, feed it well and plenty and watch the gains unfold! #tips #techniques #betabodz #training

All photos of Martyn Ford via Instagram.

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