'Humanity' By French Electro-rock Outfit 'I Am Un Chien!!' Will Turn You Animalistic

They say life imitates art, but here people imitate animals, from lions to clams, squirrels, walruses, even some deep sea creatures.

There’s always a part of us that’s still animalistic, like when you’re really, really drunk or when you’re so stoned you’ve become a sloth. So this is just a natural extension of those times.

French electro-rock outfit I Am Un Chien!! gets together with producer/DJ/director and digital artist Panteros666 – aka Victor Watel – to make a video for the band’s Humanity, with a great core idea. Shot-matching has become quite a thing recently, what with Irina Werning’s ingenious Back The The Future project.

As a rule, Panteros tends to specialize in wacky collisions of found footage and lo-fi graphics for his own music. But here he’s compiled various clips of animals – some shot in the wild, some not – and then has bandmembers David and Douglas copy the animals’ actions in every shot. Silly, clever, infantile and very funny…

Director: Panteros666
Label: Bromance Records

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