The Hunger Games Parody 'The Gobble Games' Has Turkeys Battling For A Presidential Pardon

Thanksgiving is upon us and when we all gather around the family dinner table with a rumble in our stomachs, ready to eat far too much, i'm sure the last think on our minds will be, 'Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.'

In this hilarious and troubling video from Nerdist, turkeys have to fight to the very death to receive a presidential pardon in a dark parody that echoes The Hungers Games, but with poultry.

It references the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation where the POTUS is given a turkey (a live one), and every year since 1989 the president has pardoned said turkey so it gets to live out its life, spared from ending up on the dinner table basted in butter.

The Gobble Games imagines how the selection process for the presented turkey might be if it involved gruesome fighting and terrible violence: knives on sticks, machines guns, swords, and plenty of blood.

But for the victor they get to live and gobble-gobble another day.


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