Snapchat, YouTube, Tinder—Ever Wondered What The Inside Of The Internet Looks Like?

The inside of the internet is either lots of 1s and 0s, a load of tubes, or possibly something along the lines of this sketch by YouTube channel Pistol Shrimps. The Norwegian humorists take a madcap journey inside everyone's favorite apps and come back with a surreal take on what's going on inside.

Tinder, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram are dealt with by the troupe who have imagined the inside of the internet as populated by humans. Obviously much smaller humans, who frantically run around on foot to, say, deliver your amusingly filtered Snapchat image.

As for Instagram your artfully composed pictures of various food stuffs are mulled over and pondered by chin-stroking critics, who decide upon which one gets the love hearts. It's on the whim of their tastes that your social media cred relies upon.

That music you think is streaming on Spotify? Well that's actually tiny humans playing the music live. While those YouTube vids you think are pre-recorded? Well, they're actually streamed live recorded in real-time by the blue boiler-suited men who live in the internet.

So while you're casually hashtagging, snapping, and watching, remember that behind the scenes is miniature people working flat out to ensure it all runs smoothly.

OK, so it's just a sketch and not reality, but it's sort of an approximation of the truth—the people aren't quite so miniature in real-life though.


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