Iggy Pop Narrates The Gory Video For Alt J's Latest Music Video 'In Cold Blood'

The video for the Alt J music video 'In Cold Blood' starts off without any indication of just how gory and bloody it's going to get. We get a shot of a wood mouse in its natural habitat and the unmistakable growly voice of proto-punk rock icon Iggy Pop narrates the scene. Informing us of what the mouse eats and how it locates its food. Iggy Pop then ends his first bit of narration with, "It must be cautious. Enemies are everywhere."

Soon enough the sounds and lyrics of Alt J's 'In Cold Blood' kick in and we follow the mouse as he avoids predators, like a snake and fox, while is scuttling through woodland. But things quickly change as the cute little guy happens upon a scene of gruesome murders. We know they're gruesome because we're introduced to them by a bloodied severed hand.

The camera then pans along, Alt J's music soundtracking the scene, as we see plenty of dead bodies scattered about. Knives are poking out of chests, guns are lying where they fell on the ground. The mouse investigates this grisly scene by eating some french fries, then heading to a truck at the center of the mayhem to go grab a ride. it's like a surreal mash-up of a nature documentary and a violent horror film.

How Alt J Envisioned The Video For 'In Cold Blood'

Alt J In Cold Blood Iggy Pop.

Inside are a couple, who survived the carnage and possibly instigated it, Natural Born Killers-style. The truck then drives off, zooming in on the mouse in the final frame, as Iggy Pop comes back and rounds off his David Attenborough impression by telling us how the wood mouse is a remarkable adapter. "If it survives, it will be because of a remarkable skill to adapt to almost any new environment on its way to the future. And the future indeed looks bright.” he gruffs.

Speaking about the music video, which is directed by Casper Balslev, in a press release Alt J said, "We love working with great directors, giving them the creative freedom to interpret our tracks as they wish. It leads to great collaborations, like this new video for ‘In Cold Blood’ from Casper Balslev. As you are about to find out, a day in the life of a wood mouse can be unexpectedly dangerous… We hope you enjoy it.”

Evidently not as dangerous as it can be for humans.

If you're wondering how Alt J make their music, well this Alt J song by two stoners might help you find out.

Alt J In Cold Blood Iggy Pop 01.
Alt J - 'In Cold Blood'

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