How To Write An Alt-J Song Is Perfectly Summed Up By A Couple Of Stoners In This Hilarious Parody

So how do you write an Alt-J Song? If you're a fan of British indie rock band alt-J's music but haven't managed to catch them live or are eagerly awaiting some new material, then this hilarious video by a couple of Canadian guys who've smoked a few joints should help you out. And make you laugh in the process.

Called "How to write an alt-J song" the video is by Montreal based band Fleece, and they do as promised in the title. Using the line "Put it in my butt" as a starting point they completely nail the Gregorian chants and ethereal folksy sound of an alt-J song. The end result is very impressive, totally hilarious and scarily accurate.

There are a few things to remember if you are going to try writing your own Alt-J song, first up make sure all the Alt-J hallmarks are there, everything from repeated reverb hooks to that distinctive eastern-tinged lead vocals and of course a thumping kick drum. Something that these two Canadian stoners nailed to perfection.

But that alone doesn't constitute why this video was turned into viral fried gold.

Along with their frankly amazing parody, which is a great song in itself, they're also inexplicably eating rice crackers like they were the most delicious thing ever. That's the munchies for you.

Being the typical Canadian's they are (lets face it all Canucks are just too nice, why is that?) they announce "this is a parody… nothing mean spirited towards Alt-J" before they attempt their version of an Alt-J song.

If you were wondering what alt-J think of this whole thing, their twitter avatar has been changed to a rice cake.

Say no more.

How To Write An Alt-J Song - 01

Alt-J Song image via Twitter

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