Get Out Of The Materialism Trap NOW—Blogger Erin Janus Wants You To Imagine No Possessions

Are you in the mood to be preached to in the most cliche-ridden way possible about how you're stuck in the materialism trap? Then Erin Janus is here to tell you something you no doubt know already. Wake up sheeple, she effectively says, we in the West are all consumed by, well, consumerism.

Although her intentions are no doubt well-placed, Janus doesn't come out with anything that's searingly insightful or groundbreaking in the video. Yeah people don't need to live in mansions, but they do, because they want to. At least she's trying.

And, you know what, perhaps we are heading towards some kind of post-capitalist society in the West. Or, at least, Janus' anti-materialist thoughts and disdain for Western complacency are part of a broader, wider, and growing sense of dissatisfaction with consumerism among people, both young and old.

Something which can be seen in the UK with the recent Labor Party Leadership elections, and popularity of, their new leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn.

British journalist Paul Mason has spoken widely about what a post-capitalist society might be like and how technology might help facilitate this. His ideas aren't entirely set in concrete, but they're interesting nonetheless.

And they're a bit meatier than Janus' earnest reflections, but not quite as YouTube friendly.