#Hillary2016 - The Internet Responds To Hilary Clinton’s Election Campaign Announcement

Twitter was rife with speculation on what it could possibly be that Hilary Clinton was going to announce. Everything from a new beverage of bottled Republican tears to the fact she bought an Apple Watch was pondered.

But hilarious conjectures aside, of course the announcement was that she was going to run for president. And before she said it officially with the release of her campaign video, SNL wondered whether she might release a video on social media—to show she's down with the kids, y'all—in a sketch on their show (see above).

So when the announcement came it wasn't much of a surprise.

What was a surprise though was her logo design, and people on Twitter were quick to voice their opinions on it. Even Wikileaks felt the need to comment.

While others seemed a bit confused as to which Hilary was running to become POTUS.

But there was also plenty of support and encouragement. Lots of that seemed to involve saying "slay" a lot.

You can watch her announcement video below.

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